SolarGEN is the designer and manufacturer of portable renewable energy technology solutions for rural and urban electrification, focused where grid power is either unreliable or non-existent.


SolarGEN’s “Solar Generators” set up in minutes, are completely plug & play, and are very easy to use. Day or night, SolarGEN systems deliver clean, reliable power.

Designed for ultimate portability, SolarGEN’s Solar and Wind Power Generators combine solar and optional wind renewable power sources to generate and store electricity to power everything around you. SolarGEN’s “Solar Generators” set up in minutes, are completely plug & play, and can produce and store electrical power for days on end. SolarGEN systems provide maximum power generation from the sun and wind and store electricity in on-board batteries, enough to power a complete household, village, medical clinic, or school. Everything you need to produce and store electricity comes with your SolarGEN system.

The Founders of SolarGEN, having spent a significant amount of time traveling and living in various African countries and keenly recognize the infrastructure needs of the people living in rural areas across the continent. power needs with a well engineered, reliable, simple to use, maintenance-free, renewable power generator system that the masses of people can afford to buy.

"We designed the SolarGEN Solar and Wind Power Generators to replace traditional gasoline and diesel powered generators used to produce electricity all around the world.”

designs, constructs, finances, and operates large, turn-key, megawatt-scale, electric utility renewable energy projects.

Energy Ventures and our strategic partner companies have the experience including; construction, finance, IT, manufacturing, and renewable energy. It is a team that has pioneered and perfected the process of developing and financing turn-key renewable energy projects and systems. Energy Ventures has financial relationships with some of the largest, most well-regarded financial institutions in the renewable energy sector. These investors acknowledge the value of our long-term assets and the environmental benefit of our service offering. Coupled with this investor base, Energy Ventures is uniquely positioned to serve the renewable energy program needs of developing nations around the world.


  • Megawatt scale Solar
  • Cellular Telecom Repowering
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Fuels /   Electricity
  • Advanced Biofuels
  • Utility Microgrid
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